You are currently viewing An Wushu Kung Fu Tutorial: Heng Zha Zhou – Elbow strikes

An Wushu Kung Fu Tutorial: Heng Zha Zhou – Elbow strikes

In this article, I want show you my last tutorial of “Heng Zha Zhou” Tecnique come from An Wushu.

The Heng Zha Zhou is one part of big group call it: “Fa Lì Zhuang Fa” in An Wushu Family – Method how you can get out the power – This group have 4 exercises : Ping Quan (classical punches forward) – Sì Lian Ji (4 punches in 4 directions) – Pì Zha Zhou (2 punches – hammer punch – elbow) and the last Heng Zha Zhou (4 elbow strikes) .

The characteristics are the Elbow strikes and how move your body for improve the energy into action (spinning) . Not too much difficult, very basics for beginners and very practical.

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