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Shadow Boxing in Baji Quan #1

From Tradition to Combat Principles

In this video, I want to introduce you to a Combat Combination, extrapolating the biomechanical principles of the Traditional technique. In Chinese martial arts there must be a process of research, practicality and desire to analyze every little detail point by point.

Was this not the case with the ancient Masters? Isn’t this perhaps the best way to avoid the extinction of millenary Traditions?

I really think so.

The Routine that I will present to you will help you to train a method in 2 possible variants: Traditional Version and Combat Version. The strong point in this routine and more generally, in my vision – and vision of Master An Jian Qiu – is not to debase or totally change the “root” of the Traditional technique. In this way, all aspects are highlighted, without resorting to other methods. In the Traditional there is everything, just search, understand, analyze and enhance it.


The level of this training method is accessible for all 3 categories: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Also of different methods / styles.

What are the benefits?

  • Practicality
  • Movement
  • Coordination
  • Space management
  • Method

He begins to take his first steps within the Baji Quan method of the An Family. Begin to know the various aspects of practice. This can be a good start to get started in your home, with the space you have and the level you own.

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